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Closer to Vanguard than Modern Warfare


In a long line of progressively decaying quality, and rising corporate greed. The new Modern Warfare 3 remake debatably furthers down this spiral of failure, further reinforcing the ever so firm belief of ‘CoD bad’ among the community. Well, from my experience researching and playing the game, it may unfortunately be a frightfully true belief. 

To start, the campaign. Typically, even when the multiplayer of a Call of Duty game may find many faults with its new additions, the campaign can still be somewhat enjoyable. Be it because of the story, or the gameplay. However unfortunately, the new additions with this campaign makes the entire thing just feel like a (currently) $70 DLC on the previous game. 

The worst addition is likely the new system that converts the entire campaign into nothing more than DMZ but worse, fully incorporating armor plates and weapon stashes into the campaign. In addition, the unique objectives a good campaign typically puts on display are all gone, replaced with objectives once again stolen from DMZ directly. Even the maps are stolen directly from DMZ and Multiplayers entirely, in some show of extreme laziness and rapid budget cuts, if it was only for one or two, maybe three of the missions, it would be acceptable as a small reference or whatnot, but when literally all of them are such, it simply becomes a clear representation of progressive decline of quality. 

Furthermore, the cut scenes that ARE there are extremely choppy regardless of the quality of your PC. Stricken with delays, freezing, and general horrendous stability. The only good thing I have to say about the about these scenes are the graphics being really good. But graphics should never be where all of a games focus is put, as shown by a multitude of successful indie games that have pixelated or low quality graphics, yet still succeed. 

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The Multiplayer is equally wrought with minor issues. But most concerning of all, is how it clearly never learned from the mistakes of the last game. The matchmaking is flawed to hell and back, where you will never be in an evenly matched battle. When you begin winning, you get put up against people far beyond what your team can handle, and when you are losing, you get pitted against those with no experience, as the game mishandles its attempts to balance a team at every turn. 

The final straw that broke the camel’s back, is the new way the battle pass began working since the last season of the MW2 remake, being carried over. Once upon a time, you could get enough free COD points from the pass to purchase the rest of it if you worked hard enough. Now, you have to deal with a new premium section of things that can only be purchased with direct cash, often where the good things from the pass are actually put, only enhanced further into frustrating when you consider how the battle pass weaponry is always unbalanced until the next pass is available, to propagate an endless loop of paying for what is best. 

All in all, I do not recommend anybody buy the new Call of Duty. Any fun the games previously rewarded is being sucked out of the entire series by corporate greed, and laziness. I dare say this remake is closer to the tragedy that was Call of Duty Vanguard than the quality the original Modern Warfare 3 was for anybody whom got the chance to play. 




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